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Band MALIGNANT TUMOUR start in fall of 1991 in town Ostrava, Czech republic, not long after iron curtain was tear down. Together with few other bands MALIGNANT TUMOUR was one of the first band who show extreme music in their country. Band went through many of line up changes and released many recordings on different formats in DIY scene all around the world. In 2003 whole band line up changed, except main brain of the band BILOS who is the only original member since band beginning, and style of music went to the direction of more metallic Crust ´n´Roll which is the music based on Rock´n´Roll style, pushed to the extreme. MALIGNANT TUMOUR played over 1000 gigs yet, over three continets and released fifth full lenght albums and tons of other recordings on many different underground labels all around the world. Many of the band recordings got very positive feedback from fans, magazines, web or print zines and two of band albums (IN FULL SWING (2008) and EARTHSHAKER (2010) were nominated as best album of the year in Hard and Heavy category at czech music awards called ANDEL. The album EARTHSHAKER won as album of the year in 2010. The new album called THE METALLISTis released by Canadian/Belgian record label UNREST RECORDS in autumn 2016. And the story continues…

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Band MALIGNANT TUMOUR has started in fall of 1991. That time it was more funny Noisecore than something serious. In 1992 the band becomes more serious grindcore with pathological lyrics. No one remember what line up was as first but first serious was : Bilos – Guitar/Vox, Roman – Bass and Libor – Drums. After some demos in ’95 both left the band because they weren’t interested in grindcore anymore. Michal – Drums and Otto – Bass joined the Bilos as new MT’s members. This line up made many records and shows in Czech or abroad. In 1997 band changed their lyrics from pathological topics to more socialy aware lyrics against homophobia, racism, fascism and world system which enslave people around the world.In the same year Michal left the band to focus on his own band called Cerebral Turbulency. Quick replacement is named Marek. Few weeks after Michal, Otto also left the band as well. He is still active in his grindcore band Needful Things. Because there were no bassplayers interested in grindcore Bilos took over the bass and new face on guitar is Richard. Many shows and records as always and in ’98 Marek left the band without the reason and in spring 2000 Richard left as well to focus on his own band called Love History (today hi is in Dissolving of prodigy). So Bilos has to look for new members and within the month new drummer Michal (6Mas, Carnal Diafragma, Jezus Crust) and guitarist Marek (Purulent Spermcanal) were found but Marek was kicked out after few shows. Bilos took the guitar back and new bassplayer Petr was found in local band called Hibakusha. But Petr stayed only few months and after one european tour he left. Band is stagnant. Bilos is moving to Belgium where he is trying to put on new line up without succes. Then he moving to Holland where he found two brothers Johan – Drums and Jelle – Bass/Vox and they continue to grind the core. In this line up MT recorded first full lenght album “DAWN OF A NEW AGE”(2003) which is good portion of dirty crust/grind from hell. After many succesfull shows and some more records Bilos is moving back to Czech Republic. In summer 2003 Simek taking the place in a band as bassplayer. He is known as former member of Cerebral Turbulency. Then Marsel as drummer joining the band. With this line up MT’s music a bit change to more dirty Crust ‘ n roll with hellbooze lyrics. You can hear it at 7″EP “HAMMER AND ANVIL” (2004). Unfortunately in late summer 2004 Marsel tragicaly died. So new member David taking over the drumkit. Metallic dirty Crust ‘n roll you can hear at second full lenght called “BURNINHELL” (2005) where Koral played leads as guest and in summer 2006 he join the band as official member. Together MT recording new material called “R ‘N ‘R ENGINE” (2006) and at spring 2008 their album called “IN FULL SWING” (2008). Many shows and festivals follow the recording and band is really in fire so at 2010 band enter the studio where for first time with professional producer Andy Classen make latest effort called „EARTHSHAKER“. Album won several music prices as Czech Music Awards Anděl 2010 or second place in underground music price Břitva to name a few..

Both years 2011 and 2012 band focused to play live as much as possible and in middle of 2012 our drummer David come out with not so good news that he want to leave the band. After some trying of drummers, band choose a new Hammer Drummer named Bohdič (El Ray, GG Pump, Erebus, Citron, Pouze znouze, Nagauč). With him band slowly making a new songs for new album which was recorded again in Stage One studio with Andy Classen in February 2013 and have a name OVERDOSE&OVERDRIVE. Rest of the year 2013, is band very active in live playing, for example european tour beside american legendary band POSSESSED and many more shows or festivals. Mexican tour is planned for spring 2014 but due total incompetent promoter this tour named „ Overdose over Mexico“ is completely cancelled. But originaly planned split 7“EP NACIÓN DE METALEROS with our mexican buddies ACIDEZ is released in summer 2014 by canadian label UNREST RECORDS.
Rest of the year band is heavily playing live shows and another european tour called „Metaleros Over Europe“ ending the year 2014.

Now is beginning of 2015 and band is locking themselfs into the rehearsal room to work on new album called „THE METALLIST“ which finally see the daylight at autumn 2016 on UNREST RECORDS, same as band documentary movie called „THE WAY OF METALLIST“ which celebrates the band 25 years long existence in their own kind of humour. Both of these releases were accepted by critics above the average. Many unforgettable shows here and there follows and in the end of year 2019 is MALIGNANT TUMOUR locking themselfs to rehearsal room to work on succesor of succesful album The Metallist.

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