"The Metallist"

! NEW Album is OUT !

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Only a week to release our new music video WALK AS WE TALK from upcomming album THE METALLIST. Listen exclusively the track. Bon appetit!

Recording studio

Off to studio today to do recordings for new album called “THE METALLIST”….we are fucking excited!!! http://www.gmstudio.cz/

UK mini tour

MALIGNANT TUMOUR will tour again in the land of cider. We hope to see you, all old and new friends, in the pit. ROCK´N´ROLL TO THE QUEEN!!!

OEF Asia 2015

MALIGNANT TUMOUR potvrzeni na OEF Asia!!! Hlučný, špinavý rock´n´roll útok na Nippon!!!  Ukážem jim muziku co jim ještě víc rozerve rifle a křiváky. BANZAI !!!


Our “Hammer Drummer” BOHDIC turn out well as corporate member of great MAPEXDRUM company!